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LEVERAXE® is based on a lever mechanism and rotational action. The axe won’t get stuck inside the wood and it’s fast to use.


LEVERAXE® will stop on top of the log. The length of the handle is longer and this provides more kinetic energy but is also an important safety feature.


LEVERAXE® is the fast, easy, safe, ecological and fun way of chopping firewood! You can start from the edges and easily chop away the easiest pieces first.

 Leveraxe has a Design from Finland mark

The mark recognises that the product or service has been designed in Finland and that the company has invested in design. The product may have been manufactured in Finland or abroad.

 Leveraxe has a Finnish Key Flag symbol

Key Flag Symbol is a registered collective mark. It demonstrates that the product has been manufactured or the service has been produced in Finland.

 Leveraxe is Handy Innovation Award winner

Leveraxe is Handy Innovation Award 2014 winner. The HANDY Innovation Awards program is known for honoring products that showcase initiative, creativity, invention, reinvention and eco-innovation.


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