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The product names will be standardized and renewed


Vipukirves product names will be replaced with Leveraxe equivalents from 10.02.2017. The main reason for the change is the desire to clarify our message on the market and to strengthen the already existing Leveraxe brand validity.

The Leveraxe brand name was introduced to the international market in parallel with the domestic market Vipukirves brand in a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in the autumn of 2015.

After one and a half years of coexistence of these brand names, we are now ready to take the Leveraxe brand name into use also in the domestic market. The product name is a registered trademark, Leveraxe®.

Leveraxe Classic ja Leveraxe Ultra

With the harmonization of product names on domestic and foreign markets the products will have new names that make them easier to identify and describe. The aim of the new product names is to present our products to consumers more clearly and under the same brand names globally.

Product names consolidation and new product names:

VIPUKIRVES 1 and LEVERAXE 1 product names will be standardized.
The new product name on both domestic and foreign markets is now: LEVERAXE CLASSIC

VIPUKIRVES 2 and LEVERAXE 2 product names will be standardized.
The new product name on both domestic and foreign markets is now: LEVERAXE ULTRA

Product name changes will be introduced in all communication and marketing material from 10.2.2017 and change updates have already been started. Updates can cause minor disruptions on our website and in our online store. Product features do not change, and products are still available with various handle materials.

Vipukirves product family name

Although the Vipukirves brand itself will no longer be the product name, the name lives on as a generic term for a descriptive product family for the products listed above. As our axe does not really fall into any existing axe category because of its special qualities, we decided to create a new category for our unique product - the lever axe product family. Product names may use the lever axe product family name to describe a product in online stores, for example, as follows: LEVERAXE ULTRA -lever axe.

The company's other details remain unchanged

Vipukirves Heikki Oy will remain the official name of our company and all other company data will also remain unchanged. Quality, reliability and warranty service will remain the same in all our operations.

For more information: Sales Manager, Krista Uusitalo, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., +358 50 4323 250

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